“Truck Style” D.O.T. Approved On/Off Road Tires For Your UTV

The Tusk Terrabite is a great D.O.T. certified “truck style” UTV tire for both on and off road! When you compare the price of other brand tires that offer similar performance, Tusk Terrabite is sure to be at the top of your list.

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Tusk Terrabite Tires are the ultimate all-terrain tires for today’s larger Side-by-Sides and ATVs! Tusk Terrabite tires feature 8 ply, steel belted construction for superior puncture resistance, and improved on and off road performance. This “truck style” tire offers smooth riding on hard surfaces, yet great traction off road. A deep 3/4″ grabbing tread, and an aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread provide more protection and traction in dirt, sand, and rocks! Smooth on road performance coupled with great off road traction and great style make this tire the perfect choice for the rider that wants it all!

Available in sizes: 27×9-12, 27×11-12, 28×10-14, 30×10-14, and 32×10-14.

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